Tamarians are a canon race from TNG episode 5x02, "Darmok". Oneironym has extrapolated on details of their culture from what we see of them in this episode, and randomly generated their home system. Further informaton can be added as necessary; contributions from other RP members are most welcome as well!

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Homeworld is known to the Federation as Tama IV, a terrestrial world orbiting a yellow-white star. Three other planets lie between the Tamarian homeworld and its star, all rocky; two more rock planets and one covered in ice lie beyond it. Tama III, the Tamarians' closest neighbor planet within their system, has been liberally mined, as have the asteroids in the belt between it and Tama II. They have explored all of the rock planets, however outermost Tama VII is plagued by atmospheric storms and has not been as exhaustively mapped.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Tamarians are humanoid, about the same height as humans, with flatter noses and no external ears, giving them a somewhat lizardlike appearance. Both sexes are hairless, featuring bony ridges on their skulls instead. All of them possess small suckers on the tips of their thumbs. Skin color is brownish, with patterns of dots in reddish tones that vary between individuals. Tamarian blood is white.

Cultural DifferencesEdit

Most notably, the Tamarian language is extremely complex and entirely referential to history and myth. It is also very provincial, with differences in the stories to which a particular group will make reference; there are some standard metaphors, however space travel seems to have further diversified the Tamarian language.

Tamarians think and live in an extremely abstract way. Their words make reference to things of the past, but are references only - they believe strongly in experience as the best teacher, to a degree that humans would consider their methods "tough love". All action is important as it breeds experience, and, in describing their experiences, Tamarians believe that they are not necessarily just comparing an event to times past, but are actually taking part in them, after a fashion. Through action, one can continuously live in the glory of history and legend, making industry a primary virtue to the Children of Tama.

Their history fraught with conflict against nature and against each other, the Tamarians appear outwardly warlike, however much of their combat, at least within their species, is ritualized. They do not actively seek out conflict, especially now that contact with the Federation has been strengthening, slowly but surely. As with humans, there is some variation in just how much it takes to provoke a Tamarian to violence. If provoked to combat, however, the Children of Tama can respond in kind, the crews of their ships raised on tales of ancient generals that they are eager to join in themselves.

Time has less meaning to Tamarians, though they are, of course, still aware of its passage. They are capable of great patience, but are not always punctual. Nearly all of them are stubborn. Physically, Tamarians display sexual dimorphism like humans, however their professions (and their metaphors) are not divided by gender: any female can command an army and be Uzani just as well as any male can.