Dodi Alexander
Status Alive
Biographical Information
Age 20
Birthplace Starbase Earhart
Residence Earth
Alias N/A
Sexual Orientation undecided
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex & Gender Female
Hair Colour Dyed red, naturally brunette
Eye Colour
Family Information
Mother Nirel Alexander
Father Daniel Alexander
Siblings Tabitha Alexander
Significant Other (s) {{{spouse}}}
Career Information
Affiliation Federation News Network
Division N/A
Rank Reporter
Occupation Reporter
Player Information
Player Skids
Face Claim Allison Scagliotti
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Dodi stands a little over five foot five and is in great physical condition. She's slender and toned, with an absolute minimum of excess body fat. Her hair is cut just a little short of shoulder length and dyed red, but she's naturally a brunette. While usually covered by her clothes, Dodi has a sleeve tattoo on her left which continues and curves around and over her shoulder blade.


Dodi is generally friendly and eager to meet new people. Unfortunately, she has an incredibly low threshold for boredom and if someone fails to hold her interest she'll quite happily just get up and walk away or ask that they do the same. It's not that she intends to be rude, but at the end of the day, the effect is the same.

She has some hyperactive characteristics such as flitting from one activity to the next, with little holding her interest for long. She has a tendency to talk incessantly, something which gets all the worse when she's anxious. She doesn't hide her emotions and has a tendency to blurt out things which might be best kept internalised.

Dodi is a woman struggling with her role in life. She wants to be taken seriously as a journalist. She wants respect, plaudits and credibility. Unfortunately, she's a little stuck in her ways. She's drawn to the sensational and extravagant, rather than what really matters. She is, of course, still young and is incapable of quite fitting into adult life.


Dodi was born Starbase Earhart, the youngest of two sisters. From the beginning, she and her sister Tabitha got off to a bad start. Her sister was ten years her senior and something of an intellectual. She was pretty much everything that Dodi wasn't.

From an early age, it became apparent that Dodi was not a particularly intelligent young woman. Her grades in school were never outstanding, but she did okay. She had minor behavioural issues. She wasn't deliberately disobedient, but she was restless and easily bored.

When Dodi was nine, her father was given a teaching position at Starfleet Academy, which coincided nicely with Tabitha's application to Starfleet and the whole family moved back to Earth. Dodi's father always hoped that his daughters would follow in his footsteps and become a Starfleet officer. He tried to teach Dodi exobiology, but she had little interest and learned only a little. Still, she knows more than most about the subject.

Dodi had no interest in her schooling. School was a place to socialise and nothing more. Even in the twenty third century, the audio visual club at Dodi's school still had a distinctly nerdy image. Dodi however, found them fascinating. In turn, they found her slightly terrifying. She was hyperactive, energetic and didn't entirely understand personal boundaries.

Dodi was a key part of organising a school news broadcast. It was created with the very best of intentions. She wanted to report on the important things and be a "serious" journalist. Unfortunately, that simply wasn't the way that her mind worked. She was drawn to sensationalism and at times, even using the broadcasts to run attacks on people who raised her ire. It wasn't long before the school staff shut the project down and her (true) protests that she had never committed acts of libel because everything she'd said was true weren't enough to keep her on the air.

Fortunately for Dodi, she had unknown friends in high places. A classmate who watched the show had a father who worked for the Federation News Network. He just happened to be looking for a host for a youth oriented news show. She hoped to use this as a second chance to become a "serious" newsperson, but that wasn't what the network wanted from her. She worked for several years reporting on trivial news and interviewing stars, developing something of a reputation as a wild child. She managed to secure several exclusive interviews with popular entertainers and jealous rumours abounded about just how she'd managed to do so. It was a fun life in all.

In time though, she found that she wanted more. Her dreams of pursuing a "serious" career in journalism hadn't gone anywhere, so she began bugging everybody that she could in an attempt to become a serious reporter. In the end, either she got her wish, or someone just got fed up of her. Strings were pulled and she got a position on the newest frontier.

Somehow, a broken down old space station wasn't quite what she'd hoped for.