Emrys Arcadia
d'Vel'nahr: Vulcan-by-choice
Status Alive. Probably meditating.
Biographical Information
Age 34
Birthplace Betazed
Residence Deep Space Nine
Alias Arcadia
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Physical Information
Species Klingon/Betazoid hybrid
Sex & Gender Female
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Family Information
Mother AraJen sh'Miir Arcadia (Andorian, Starfleet Medical)
Father William Barrie Arcadia (Human, musician)
Siblings None
Significant Other (s) Taarik (husband, Vulcan, Archaeologist/Architect)
Other ToShas (Biological mother, Klingon, Security Officer)
Career Information
Affiliation Starfleet
Division Engineering and Operations
Rank Lieutenant
Occupation Assistant Chief of Operations
Player Information
Face Claim Lauryn Hill
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Since the intense training on Vulcan, Emrys is calm and collected. She still feels a full range of emotion, and rarely hides it, but has taught herself to let logic, rather than feeling, guide her actions.


Known only as be'hoM (the Klingon word for 'girl') for the first five years of her life, Emrys ShaeMiir Arcadia was named by her adoptive parents, William and AraJen. A Human-Andorian couple who could not have genetic offspring of their own, the Arcadias were busy people who traveled often, but provided a relatively stable home, for all that. She lived on Earth Spacedock for most of her childhood, where her mother was stationed as Chief Medical Officer.

Emrys excelled in school, but was ill-tempered and had some difficulty getting along with other children. The problem worsened when she approached puberty and started showing some Betazoid telepathic ability. In fact, her empathic sensitivity grew to the point where she could hear vague impressions of thoughts from everyone in close proximity, and was no more able to tune any of it out than to make sense of it. For many years she was given psilosynine-inhibiting medication that basically turned off her telepathic abilities entirely. This was in addition to the mood-stabilizers that helped her manage that Klingon temper...

Upon finishing secondary school, the young Emrys was impatient to travel, and wanted to enlist in Starfleet, but her mother was insistent that she go to the Academy and become an officer. She made it through Academy training, just barely. Her academic performance was exemplary, but her social skills were severely lacking; she preferred the company of computers over that of people.

Thus began a Starfleet career marked with constant ups and downs. Her technical brilliance earned her commendations and promotions, but her temper kept getting her into trouble. At one point she held the position of Chief Engineer on the USS Hyperion, but after a close friend was killed on a mission, Arcadia went into a downward spiral of depression and violent behaviour that resulted in a demotion.

Years of therapy and anger-management training did little to help her, and her Starfleet career was in jeopardy. That was when a long-time friend stepped in and suggested she take some time off to study Mental Discipline and Emotional Control on Vulcan. This turned out to be just what she needed. Not only is she able to keep from losing her temper, she has also finally learned to put her telepathy to (limited) use. In the six years that have passed since then, Arcadia has kept a series of stable positions in Starfleet, though she has turned down every promotion offered since then. Some old friends say she has all but turned into a Vulcan.

Weapon CollectionEdit

The walls of Arcadia's quarters are decorated with a large and diverse collection of bladed weapons and tools from all over the galaxy. She claims her Andorian heritage and Klingon blood are to blame for this.

  • One Bat'leth - never used, except for that one time she accidentally chopped her own arm off. Long story, that.
  • Inuit Ulu - a few of these, actually. Some contemporary, and a few very old. Mostly collected for their signifcance as an Earth tool with a striking similarity to the Ushaan-tor.
  • Ligonian Glavin - no poison on the spines.
  • A pair of Lirpa - wedding gifts from her mother-in-law.
  • A few Sgian Dubh of varying ages and sizes.
  • Andorian Ushaan-tor - from her mother's clan. Andorians train and 'play' with these from early childhood.
  • Andorian Kal'hris - small single-handed version, decorated with elaborate carving
  • Other Andorian weapons; Hrisal, Dosalnar, Chaka
  • Various and sundry swords and daggers, a few spears


  • AraJen sh'Miir - adoptive mother, Andorian, Admiral at Starfleet Medical
  • William Arcadia - adoptive father, Human, musician
  • Taarik - husband, Vulcan, architecht/archaeologist
  • ToShas - biological mother, Klingon, security guard
  • Dell zh'Miir - cousin