Jadzia Dax
"Sometimes I like it when the bad guy wins."
Status Alive
Biographical Information
Age Host-28, Symbiot-300+
Birthplace Trill
Residence Deep Space 9
Alias N/A
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Physical Information
Species Joined Trill
Sex & Gender Female
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue
Family Information
Mother (Name unknown)
Father Kela
Significant Other (s) {{{spouse}}}
Other The Dax symbiot has countless family through previous hosts, most of which very little is seen due to Trill customs.
Career Information
Affiliation Starfleet
Division Science
Rank Lieutenant
Occupation Chief Science Officer
Player Information
Face Claim Terry Farell
Profile Link Here


"Jadzia Dax," she said glancing at the price. It was lower than she expected, though truthfully she had not done much shopping since before joining the Academy years ago. These days most of her time was spent in an all-Starfleet enviroment and thus there had been little to spend credits on. However she had assumed that clothing would be more expensive, but apparently Garak was not running a shop to make a fortune. Which was probably for the best, given that on the station nobody was going to make a fortune.

"That price looks good," she said smiling at him, "hopefully the clothes will look as good."

Glancing across the Promenade she saw the Ferengis still packing up the bar and gambling establishment named Quarks. She glanced back at Garak, "So if the bar leaves what's left to do on this station? I'm not buying a new dress just to sit in my lab and study Bajorian algee."

Having the bar, and other tenants who seemed to be packing up, stay was going to have to be one of the first things on Benjamin's agenda. If there was nothing to do on the station, then people were going to get restless a lot faster than they did on a starship where at least there was shoreleave and new worlds to visit.