Jenny Evans
Status Alive
Biographical Information
Age 22
Birthplace Swansea, Wales, Earth
Residence Deep Space Nine
Alias N/A
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex & Gender Female
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Baby Blue
Family Information
Mother Gwyn Johns
Father Leah Johns
Siblings Amy Evans (adoptive sister)
Significant Other (s) {{{spouse}}}
Other Gwyn Evans (adoptive mother)
Career Information
Affiliation Starfleet
Division Medical
Rank Ensign
Occupation Nurse
Player Information
Player Loz
Face Claim Zoey Deschanel
Profile Link Here


Jenny is a rather skinny Caucasian girl who looks barely out of her teens. She's got rather curly dark brown hair, and baby blue eyes. She's not very tall, only a petite 5 foot tall. She usually is always smiling and always seems happy, and she's fairly average in the looks department. She could be considered just as pretty as the next girl, and she never really wears make up unless something really special is happening.


Jenny is one of the most stubborn, sarcastic, prickly and annoying people you will probably ever meet. She has a mischievous streak in her, but is generally kind and helpful.

However, when she is pressured, she may give in or stop whatever she is doing and get herself a nice mug of hot chocolate. Jenny is a laugh to be with if your a friendly student, but if you annoy her, watch out.

Jenny cares for her friends dearly, and even though she is away from them a lot, she always tries to keep in touch with her friends, and her family - if she knew who they were. The biggest thing that gets Jenny down is when something goes wrong, and that can be bad at times, as she will become depressed and lonely.


She had a sister seven years her senior when she was born. Gwyn and Leah never really cared for the two daughters they had, so put them up for adoption when Jenny was about two. She and her sister were passed from family to family until finally, when Jenny was six, a woman came forward and adopted the pair. Jenny and Amy adopted Gwen's last name of Evans, and grew up happily like they had always wanted.

Jenny wasn't the brightest kid in class, but her mother encouraged her when finding her cutting open her bears and restuffing them, pretending to be a doctor. She was best in Biology, and she always worked her hardest in school. She was eighteen when she decided Star Fleet was for her. Enrolling in the academy, she excelled in her studies, but, she didn't get the grade to be a doctor. Downtrodden and broken-hearted, she enrolled again and tried for a nurse, and graduated the best in her class.

She was first assigned to the Jupiter Station, where the creator of the EMH was, and was set to care for everyone on the station. After a while, she requested to be reassigned, and so was assigned to DS9.