Terok Nor is an alternate-universe role play game based on Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Here, a group of talented writers with diverse Star Trek interests forms an interesting game with complicated plots and fascinating, complex characters.

To understand our game, it is important to understand the universe in which it is set. We are based on the show and not necessarily the events that occurred in it. While we can and most certainly will utilize plots in the show, we are original and will sculpt our own game. This is in part affected by certain AU factors custom to Terok Nor.

In Terok Nor, the Cardassians did not completely evacuate the ore mining station now known as Deep Space 9. While it was built primarily by Bajorans, the design, materials and maintenance was performed by Cardassian soldiers and overseen by the Cardassian government. To imply that the station belongs to the Bajoran government simply because Bajorans built it is to invalidate the designers and custodians of the station. Thus, the station is not owned solely by Bajor but is much like co-owners of a vehicle, according to the Cardassian government.

With little choice, the Bajoran “co-owners” and Federation custodians conceded to allowing a Cardassian presence to remain connected to the station in the form of one single ship and a small compliment of Cardassians officers and diplomats to oversee Cardassian interests.

So, the run down: Cardassians have a small, official and for the forseeable future, permanent presence on Deep Space 9.