Crimea RiverEdit

Name's James, but I normally go by Crimea River (the origin of my use of it is actually a nation on the continent of Tellius in Fire Emblem, and not this). I'm 23, but in 17 days I'm going to be 24 (but I certainly don't feel it! XD).

I am in four-year college, living in a dorm. Lots of RP time (as long as I keep up with my homework, and I'm nearly done for the weekend!), but lots of study time too. My Major used to be Bachelor of Fine Arts Design, but after some negative experiences that made me look back at how I'd fared in previous art classes in lower education levels, I decided to ditch the Design Path, and go for International & Global Studies with an Asian concentration instead. Lots of bookwork, but I've been making A's and B's so far, and I hope I can manage to pass with Honours!

I have Asperger's syndrome (a form of high-functioning autism) and Anxiety disorder, along with a plethora of other mental conditions that I'm working on containing. I'm also trying to extend my interests, which is why I'm also RPing on an Animorphs, Dragon Age, and Harry Potter roleplay in addition to this one. I've been forum roleplaying for nearly nine years, and I've had good memories as well as bad. The ones on Terok Nor were always good, though. <3 Except when people left or disappeared. ;~; I missed them so much!

I've brought Kira Nerys (oh man, she's fun; nothing like a fierce Bajoran ginger X3) and a very young version of Hebrin Tayel. Some of you may remember him, especially you, Paul. I intend to bring Procal at some point too, just probably not as the Cardassian liaison.

Lots of you probably know me. I'm hoping to reunite with old friends and meet new ones here. We're already off to a great start, and I'm excited!


As some of you probably know, my name is Paul and I play Trayton Hunt. Like my character I too am CANADIAN, though I come from the East Coast as opposed to the West like Tray.

Since everyone else is giving you someback ground on themselves, I figure I'll do the same. I'm Twenty Five and I've been roleplaying since I was in High School. Everything from table top rps to forums, you name it. Usually I stick to the geek boards. Things like comic boards, Trek, Star Wars, Mass Effect, that sorta thing. Outside of rping I work as a Business Development Consultant for a communications company here in Canada. It's a pretty sweet gig if I do say so myself.

I should also note that my Trek knowledge is linked mostly to TNG and Voyager, though I have started watching DS9 as of late. I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have though. If I don't know the answer off the top of my head, I will at least know where to find it.

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell. Well, not really since I'm not actually in a nutshell, but I'm sure you get the idea. So keep fit and have fun!