Prelude, EmissaryEdit

At request of the Bajoran Provisional Government, Starfleet sent officers to staff the Cardassian ore-mining facility orbiting Bajor, formerly known as Terok Nor and designated it Deep Space 9. Its new commander was Benjamin Sisko, who arrived with his son, Jake Sisko. The station had been ransacked by the Cardassians, and the staff struggled to get it into working order. Sisko met a very angry Kira Nerys, and also got Quark and his family to remain on the station by bargaining with him, and met Odo. He then spoke with Captain Picard before the Enterprise departed.

Not long after the departure of the Enterprise, Gul Skrain Dukat arrived to speak with Sisko - who, prior, had met with Kai Opaka and had an orb experience - and Jadzia Dax located an anomaly in the Denorios Belt. Odo traveled onto the Cardassian ship as a bag held by one of the Cardassian soldiers, and from inside the ship, disabled the ship's sensors as Dax and Sisko went to check out the anomaly. They discovered a wormhole leading to the Gamma Quadrant, but on the way back, they discovered a "planet" within the wormhole. Dax was sent back, while the Prophets spoke with Sisko, who tried to explain his species, and their "linear" existence. Kira, meanwhile, ordered the station moved closer to the wormhole. Miles O'Brien managed to do this successfully.

At this time, though, Gul Dukat became aware of the wormhole's presence. He entered the wormhole and emerged into the Gamma Quadrant, and the Prophets closed off the wormhole. Three Cardassian ships, meanwhile, appeared and Gul Jasad demanded to know the location of Gul Dukat's warship, refusing to believe the explanation of the wormhole. He allowed her one hour to prepare for surrender. Kira launched six photon torpedoes, but Gul Jasad saw through this bluff, and assaulted the station. Cardassian troops boarded the station investigating the Cardassian life-signs they'd discovered on the station, finding them not to be Gul Dukat. Shortly after they beamed off, Sisko, having helped the Prophets understand the linear existence of his kind, arrives from the wormhole carting Gul Dukat's damaged ship with a tractor beam. Sisko was congratulated by Picard on finding the wormhole, and Sisko informed the captain that he wanted to remain as Commanding Officer of the station.

With things now settling, the crew worked on repairing the station and recovering from the attack. With the discovery of the wormhole, interest is already being shown in the station, and people are flocking there. What great discoveries will be made in the Gamma Quadrant? Can Bajor ever recover from the Occupation?